Without / Within

cast iron sculpture

17 '' high in maple stand

Without / Within

alternate view.

Looking for a friend

cast iron sculpture,  3.5 " tall. 

photographed in Atlantic Ocean off Nova Scotia

Little rubber ducks always remind me of the oceanic shipping container that dumped almost 29,000 bath toys in 1992; their reappearances over time and across the world validated scientific ocean current models, and confirms how we are globally connected by waters swirling between and around continental land masses.

Unfortunately, this little fellow doesn’t float.

Looking for a friend

photographed in Nova Scotia


cast iron sculpture with trapped steel ball.

6" tall x 6.75" diameter.

An interactive work to play and move with – motion, sound and weight being integral to the experience. The ball rattles as it rolls within, free yet not free, and reflections dance. Shapes emerge – waves, flames, biota?

Back and Forth; Past and Future Memories

Cast iron, stainless steel ball, curly maple stand. 

11 “ (level) x 19.5” x 15”

An interactive work – a teeter-totter, a seesaw for the ball to move back and forth, just as we move through past and future memories, as we wield our way.

Back and Forth; Past and Future Memories

in alternate position

Back and Forth; Past and Future Memories

detail of reflection in the ball

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